Sunday, March 30, 2008

Raw Tomato Chutney


Raw tomatoes-3
Green chillies-5
Coriander seeds-1 teaspoon
Cumin seeds-1teaspoon
Tamarind-small berry sized
Turmeric powder-a pinch
Garlic cloves-2
Salt-1 tablespoon
Oil-1 tablespoons


  1. Wash and cut the tomatoes into small pieces.
  2. Heat the oil in a pan and add the slitted green chillies, coriander seeds, cumin seeds and fry them until they turn light brown in colour.
  3. Add the turmeric powder and garlic and fry them for a few more seconds.
  4. Transfer the fried ingredients into a bowl and add the chopped tomatoes.
  5. Cook until the oil separates and add tamarind.
  6. Fry for a few seconds and turn off the stove.
  7. Let them cool and transfer all the fried ingredients into a mixer jar.
  8. Add salt and grind into a coarse paste by using little water if necessary.
  9. If you use mortar and pestle to grind the chutney, the chutney will tastes nicer.
  10. Serve with hot rice or kichidi or dosa.


Seena said...

Since many days am looking for raw tomatoes, how did u get them, in market?????? drrrrooollll........ :)

Daily Meals said...

Even I had to search for them, Seena...I found a few in cold storage, along with ripe ones.

Hima said...

I too make green tomato chutney slightly different though, but love it. Will try your version too.

Kalai said...

Totally my kind of chutney!! :)


My mother make poricha kuzhambu with raw tomatoes..It will have a great taste! I know this should also have a great taste! Lovely post!

Uma said...

Mmm. looks good. Nice green color. this is my all time fav.

Siri said...

Raw Tomatoes taste so good and when made as *chutney*.. yummy!!.. U have one nice template..:)

Happy Food Blogging!


Daily Meals said...

Hi Hima! Waiting for your version too...

Thank you Kalai!

Daily Meals said...

Thank you Raks Kitchen! Please post the recipe of poricha kuzhambu.

Thank you Uma!

Hi Siri! Thank you.