Saturday, April 05, 2008

Dosa with Sooji and Urad Dal

Dosa…everybody’s favourite from children to elders. I have observed so many Non-Indians enjoying dosas in Indian restaurants. Usually for ravva dosa, we mix sooji, rice flour and maida. But I came to know of a different ravva dosa through a friend which is made with sooji and urad dal…it tasted so yummy and crispy... Now let's see how to make it…:)

This is my submission for Dosa Mela hosted by Srivalli of


Sooji or Bombay ravva-3 cups
Urad dal or black gram-1 cup
Green chillies-3
Ginger-a small piece
Grated carrot-2 cups
Chopped coriander-2 tablespoons
Cumin seeds-1 teaspoon
Salt-1 tablespoon
Oil-1 cup


1. Soak the urad dal for three hours and wash it thoroughly.
2. Grind it with ginger, cumin seeds, green chillies and salt into a smooth paste and transfer into a big bowl.
3. Wash the sooji with water and add it to the batter.
4. Mix the ingredients into a thick batter by adding a little water if necessary and keep it aside for 3-4 hours.
5. Heat the dosa pan on a medium flame and pour a ladle of batter.
6. Spread the batter into a circle and add one tablespoon of oil to the edge of the circle.
7. Add one tablespoon of grated carrot and chopped coriander leaves on the top of the dosa.
8. Heat it until the edge of dosa comes up or till the dosa turns light brown in colour.
9. Fold the dosa into half and transfer it to a plate.
10. Serve hot with any pickle or chutney of your choice. I served it with ginger pickle and sambar.


srivalli said...

Thank you very much for the entry!

Dhivya said...

creative one girl:))looks so yummm

Daily Meals said...

Hi Srivalli! Thank you to you too for hosting this event.

Thank you Dhivya for your kind words...

Seena said...

Dosa with ginger chutney? wow, yum..

Daily Meals said...

Hi Seena! This rava dosa tastes nicer with ginger pickle. (We make ginger pickle and ginger chutney differently).

Hima said...

Dosas are looking so crispy and yummy. Never tried before. Will give it a try.

prajusha said...

ya iam doing better than b4. so thght of posting some recipe:)
sooji dosa looks yummy and thanks for the new recipe.

Daily Meals said...

Hi Hima! Please do give it a try. I hope you like it.

Hi Prajusha! Thank you for your nice words.