Thursday, November 15, 2007

Kandi Pachadi

Toor Dal Chutney

This is my submission for JFI-Toor dal hosted by Linda of

My grand mother used to make this pachadi when we went to our village in my childhood. She used to grind it in a mortar with a club. That tasted very nice. I made this chutney in mixer. We love to eat this pachadi.

Ingredients :

Kandi pappu or Toor dal-1/4 cup
Dry red chillies-4
Cumin seeds or jeera-1 tea spoon
Tamarind-small berry sized
Turmeric powder-a pinch
Oil-1 tablespoon
Garlic cloves-3
Salt to taste

Method :

1.Heat the oil in a pan and fry the dry chillies for two minutes on low flame.

2. Add the turmeric powder, cumin seeds, garlic cloves and tamarind and fry for one minute.

3. Transfer them into a bowl and fry the toor dal till a nice aroma spreads throughout the kitchen.

4. Turn off the stove and allow it to cool. Grind all the ingredients into a paste by adding sufficient water and salt.

5. Serve with hot rice and ghee.


Asha said...

I made this too for Linda, but little different from your's. Looks yum Vijaya, great with rice and ghee!:))

Happy cook said...

I have never made anything like this. But my sister does it and then she eats it with rice and ghee.
Only after writting this i looked ro ashas comment and saw the same

Bhawna said...

Wow... interesting recipe Vijaya, i heard it first time, Kandi Pachadi. Sounds good.

Daily Meals said...

Oh Asha, you have also made it! I would like to see your version.

Hi Happy Cook! It tastes very nice with rice and ghee. Give it a try and see.

Thank you Bhawna! It tastes good too.

Sirisha Kilambi said...

I love kandi pachadi.......This is a twist to how I make the routine one :-))
Vijaya Please don't mind If I don't comment the next few months as I would terribly busy with my academic work......Hope u understand dear....I will be back in no time :-)

Kalva said...

I swear i was thinking to do this chutney for that event! Lemme come up with something else then!

Daily Meals said...

Hi Sirisha! Take your own time. I have read in your blog that you are going to give exams(MBA). Good luck. Thanks for commenting.

Hi Kalva! Please post your version too.

Linda said...

Hi Vijaya, thank you for this lovely recipe for JFI Toor Dal! I can imagine how good it would smell cooking, and on that hot rice :)

Shella said...

Very nice entry & very different. Never heard of anything like this

Menu Today said...

Hi Vijaya,
Your version looks different.
Great Entry for JFI
Thanks for sharing:-)

Daily Meals said...

Thank you Linda! It did smell and taste good.

Hi Shella! It is simple to make in the mixer unlike grinding in the mortar. Do try this.

Thank you Menu Today!

deanacakes said...

hi..i like your blog..i am married to an india and learning to cook indian food

Latha Narasimhan said...

We too make this almost very regularly. I also make this as a powder and store. very tasty with rice and papad! nice entry vijaya!:)

Daily Meals said...

Thank you Deanacakes! Keep visiting.

Hi Latha! Thank you.