Saturday, November 03, 2007

Fantastic Four Meme and Ras Malai

Hi Friends! Our fellow blogger, lovely Remya has tagged me for “Fantastic Four Meme” for the first time. Before that let me give you a treat with a sweet.

Ras Malai


Milk-4 cups
Haldiram’s rasgulla-10 pieces
Coarsely powdered dry fruits (almonds, cashew nuts and pistachios)-4 tablespoons
Saffron-few strands
Cardamom powder-a pinch
Sugar-2 tablespoons (as per your taste)

To prepare rasgulla by own look here…


1. Boil the milk in a heavy bottomed vessel till it reduces into half of the quantity.

2. Take one spoon boiled milk and soak the saffron strands.

3. Add the powdered dry fruits and sugar to the milk and boil for two minutes on low flame.

4. Now add the saffron and cardamom powder and turn off the stove.

5. Allow the milk to cool and add the squeezed rasgullas. Refrigerate for one hour and have the delicious ras malai…

Fantastic Four Meme…

Four places I've lived…

Paloncha (AP)-childhood till before marriage

Vijayawada-after marriage

Vijayanagaram-for one year

Singapore-at present

Four Jobs I had…

Eldest daughter and eldest sister to a sister and two brothers.

Student-never ending

Teacher-at present

Mother of two lovely kids (a son and a daughter)

Four favourite Places I've holidayed…

Kanyakumari (Tamilnadu)-I love the sunrise.

Mysore (Karnataka)-love the Mysore Maharaja Palace.

Genting Highlands (Malaysia)-nice place to enjoy both for kids and adults.

Pattaya (Bangkok)-enjoyed visiting the coral island in a speedboat.

Four Favourite foods…

Mother’s pappucharu

Mother in law’s tamarind rice

Meegoreng (Chinese veg noodles)

Sweets (ghee mysorepak) and Snacks (Chekodilu)

Four places I'd rather be...

Paloncha-My hometown

Jaipur-The lovely pink city with its majestic palaces and rich history.


In a park with my family.

Four persons I like to tag...





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A kitchen scientist & a white rat hubby!!! said...

the Ras Malai looks yumm, and nice to know about u..!!

Daily Meals said...

Thank you Kitchen Scientist!

Asha said...

Great MeMe Vijaya, good to know little more about you!:))
Ras Malai looks yum!

Sirisha Kilambi said...

Nice meme Vijaya.....Glad to know u dear :-))
The rasmalai looks great :-))

Daily Meals said...

Thank you Asha!

Thank you Sirisha!

Bhawna said...

Thanks for tagging me Vijaya, Yummy Rasmalai, one of my dearest sweet. Lovely Meme Really nice to know little about you .I will post my Meme ASAP

Rohini's kitchen said...

Rasa malai looks yumm Vijaya. Great MeMe..Nice to know more about u..I have been very busy for my past few days..So didnt visit any blog. Thanks for tagging me. I'm very much busy for few more weeks and will write my meme as soon as possible.

sagari said...

wowwwww rasmalai looks reallyyyyyyy yummyyyyyyyyyyyy

Daily Meals said...

Thank you Bhawna!

Thank you Rohini!

Thank you Sagari!

Latha Narasimhan said...

Nice meme vijaya! I too liked my pattaya holiday very much!:))
Rasmalai is great!:))

Daily Meals said...

Thank you Latha!

Menu Today said...

Hi Viji,
Nice Meme, Yummy looking ras Malai!!!

Daily Meals said...

Thank you, Menu Today!