Saturday, September 27, 2014

Ragi Murukulu or Ragi Janthikalu

Ragi or Finger Millet is the one of the most nutritious food and is rich in calcium, protein, iron and also minerals. It is an excellent baby food and considered as veg weightloss diet. It helps in increasing hemoglobin level in anemic people. In most recipes ragi is used in powder form. The state of Karnataka is the largest producer of ragi in India. It's good to incorporate ragi in the diets in one way or the other. we can make ragi porridge, ragi mudda, ragi rotti, ragi idiyappam, ragi laddoo, ragi murukulu..
I am going  to share the recipe of Ragi Murukulu with you :)


What you need:
Ragi flour-1 cup
Rice flour-2 cups
Butter-2 tablespoons,
Azwine-1 teaspoon,
Chilli powder-1 teaspoon,
Turmeric powder-a pinch (optional)
 Salt to taste,
Oil for deep fry

1. Mix all the above ingredients except oil in a wide bowl. Make a soft dough using sufficient water.
2.  Heat the oil in a kadai or wok on medium flame. Greese the murukulu mould with oil and fill it with the dough.
3. Press the dough in circular motion carefully in the oil. Fry it until it turns brown in colour. 
4. Flip it to the other side and fry it till it gets brown colour. Transfer it onto a paper towel and do the same with the remaining dough. 
5. Once the murukulu get cool, transfer them into an air tight container.

Note: You can also replace azwine with cumin seeds.

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