Sunday, June 15, 2008

Poornalu and an Award

Happy Father’s Day!

Hi Friends! It’s been quite a while since I have posted. I went to a beach resort in Bintan (Indonesia) with my family. A few pictures from Bintan…

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We make poornalu for festivals like Vara Lakshmi Vratham and Vinayaka Chavithi. We use chana dal but I have used moong dal for a change. They came out very well…


For the poornam to dip in the batter:
Splitted green grams without sking (yellow moong dal)-2 cups
Grated jaggery-1 cup

For the batter:
Soak 2 cups of rice and I cup of urad dal for four hours and grind it with ¼ teaspoon of salt into a smooth batter (like dosa batter). No need to ferment the batter.
Take 2 cups of all purpose flour or maida, salt and a pinch of baking powder (optional) in a bowl and make a smooth batter using sufficient water.
Oil-for deep fry


1. Cook the moong dal for 5-8 minutes on a medium flame with sufficient water.
2. Let it cool and grind it into a coarse paste by adding cardamom and jaggery. Do not add water while grinding.
3. Make the paste into small balls and keep them aside. Heat the oil in a frying pan on a medium flame and dip the balls in the batter.
4. Leave them gently in the oil and fry them until they turn golden brown in colour.
5. Take them out from the oil and drain them on a paper napkin. Serve them on a plate.


Asha said...

Vijaya, those photos are gorgeous girl, lucky you!:)

Enjoy the award. Poornalu is like Hoorana we make for filling Holige in K'taka, yum!! You can send this to RCI next for "Andhra Festival food" when Vani announces!:))

Seena said...

beautiful pictures! love the sweet snack.. :)

Uma said...

wow, those pictures are beautiful! Congrats on the award. Poornalu chala baagunnayi!

Kalai said...

Gorgeous photos!! Congrats on the award, too! Sweet looks great. We call it suzhiyan in Tamil. My mom's favorite!

Sireesha said...

Gorgeous photos!! Congrats on the award, too!Poornalu chala chala baagunnayi........

Jaya said...

Lovely snack with Moong dal .
Congrats for the award .
Thanks for thinking about me ,I am deeply touched.
even i like three colored Bell pepper stir/fry also .It must have tasted heaven .
Hugs and smiles

Bhawna said...

Hey lucky u...very nice pictures. Congratulations for the award. Poornalu looks good, thanks for sharing.

Sireesha said...

Beautiful Photos Poornalu chala chala baagunnayi!First time at ur blog u have nice and lovely blog....

Daily Meals said...

Hi Asha! Thank you for informing about RCI-Andhra Festival Food.

Thank you Seena!

Thank you Uma!

Daily Meals said...

Hi Kalai! Thanks a lot.

Hi Sireesha! Welcome to my blog:)

Hi Jaya! Congrats to you too:)

Hi Bhawna! Happy to see your comment dear.

Prajusha said...

nice pics of bintan..hope u enjoyed ur vacation..yummy snack.