Sunday, October 07, 2007

Spicy Andhra Chicken

Spicy Andhra Chicken For Non-veg Lovers...

I made this for my daughter and husband. I seldom cook non-veg at home since my son and I stopped eating non-veg (except egg).


Chicken-250 grams
Chopped onions-2
Turmeric powder-1 teaspoon
Red chilly powder-1 teaspoon
Salt-1 tablespoon
Ginger-garlic paste-1tablespoon

For masala powder:
(Grind the following ingredients into powder)

Coriander seeds-1tablespoon
Poppy seeds (gasagasalu)-1tablespoon or cashew nuts-5
Dry coconut-a small piece
Cinnamon-1 small stick
Coriander or mint leaves-few
Oil-3 tablespoons


1. Wash and mix the chicken with salt and turmeric powder and keep it aside.

2. Grind the onions, chillies and tomato into small pieces, not into paste.

3. Heat the oil in a pan or vessel and fry the onion, chilli and tomato mixture until it turns brown.

4. Wash the chicken pieces one more time and drain the water. Add the chicken and fry for five minutes on medium flame.

5. Add the ginger-garlic paste, chilli powder, turmeric powder, salt and a cup of water and let it cook.

6. Once the chicken is cooked, add the masala powder and lower the flame.

7. Let it cook for five more minutes; turn off the stove when oil separates from the gravy.

8. Garnish with coriander leaves or mint and serve hot with plain rice or pulav or jeera rice, chapathi or pesara garelu.

Click here to see my pesara garelu or green moong dal vada recipe.

Note: Vegetarians, we can follow the same recipe with potatoes or cauliflower or soy nuggets.


Asha said...

Looks delicious Vijaya. Except chicken and Eggs, we don't eat much of the other meat either. Thanks for this recipe!:))

Sirisha Kilambi said...

Vijaya....Nice one...Though I don't eat non-veg...I can pass on this recipe to my husband :-)

Daily Meals said...

Thank you Asha...

Thank you Sirisha...

Seena said...

we love everything with chicken..this looks as a very tasty dish..

Prajusha said...

looks delicious.

Daily Meals said...

Thank you Seena.

Thank you Prajusha.

Puspha said...

Very delicious. Thanx for sharing.

Daily Meals said...

Thank you Puspha...