Sunday, August 10, 2014


Hi! There are very few dishes in my house which are liked by all of us. Idly is one of them. If I make idly today, my children can guess easily what will be the breakfast for next day..that is uthappam or dibba rotte:) Usually I make it with out any toppings, because my children like plain one. I just add cumin seeds while preparing and serve it with any chutney.
We make ravva idly most of the time and the same batter we use for utahappam. Sometimes I add vegetable toppings to it. Now I want to share with you our version of uthappam.

                            Uthappam and coconut chutney

What you need:

Ingredients for the Uthappam:
Idly batter-4 cups
Rice flour-1 cup (optional)
Oil-4 tablespoons

How to make idly batter:
Soak 1 cup of urad dal (skinless black gram or white lentil) for 5-6 hours. Later clean the dal with water 2-3 times and grind it  into a soft batter using little water. If you put little batter in a cup of water, it should float on the water. Now your batter is ready. Take two cups of  idly suji or ravva in a vessel and fill it with water. Wash it with hand carefully and leave it for two minutes. Once ravva reaches the bottom of the vessel, drain  the above water slowly. Do like wise 2-3 times. Now squeeze the ravva and add it to the batter. Add one teaspoon of salt and mix it well with your hand.  Store it in an air tight container in warm place and leave it aside for overnight to ferment. The container should be spacious because the batter doubles in quantity during fermentation.

For topping:
Grated carrot-2 tablespoons
Grated beet root-2 tablespoons
Chopped onions-1/4  cup
Cumin seeds-1 teaspoon 
Grated ginger-1 teaspoon
chopped coriander leaves-1 tablespoon

Ingredients for the coconut  chutney:
Fresh coconut pieces-1 cup
Chopped coriander leaves-1/2 cup
Green chilly-3
cumin seeds-1 teaspoon
Lime juice-1 teaspoon
Garlic cloves-3
Salt as per your taste

Preparation of Uthappam:
1. Mix the rice flour to the idly batter half an hour before making. Heat the pan and add two table spoons of oil. Now mix the idly batter with ladle and pour two ladles of batter on the pan. Spread it clock wise in circular motion to get a thick and round shaped uthappam.
2. Take all the topping ingredients in a bowl and mix them. Sprinkle them on the uthappam and cover it with a lid .
3. Cook it on low flame for 2-3 minutes and take the lid out. Slowly flip the uthappam to other side and add one tablespoon of oil around it. Close it with the lid and cook it for 1-2 minutes.
4. Turn of the stove and transfer it on to a serving plate.

Preparation of Coconut chutney:

1.Take coconut pieces, chopped coriander leaves, green chilly, cumin seeds, garlic cloves and salt into a mixer jar.
2.Grind it into a smooth paste. Transfer it into a serving bowl and add the lime juice and mix it well.

Serve the uthappam along with the chutney. Crispy and yummy Uthappam is ready to eat now:)

Note: To prepare chutney, you can replace lime juice with tamarind pulp and grind along with the remaining ingredients. And can also give it seasoning.

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