Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ravva Pongadalu


Sooji or upma ravva – 2 cups
Rice flour- 1 cup
Yogurt – 1 cup
Green chillies – 2 finely chopped
One finely chopped onion
Chopped Ginger – 1 teaspoon
Cumin seeds or jeera-1 teaspoon
Chopped coriander leaves
Salt-for taste
Grated carrot-2 tablespoons
Water – sufficient to make a thick batter like idly batter
Baking powder – a pinch (optional)


1. Take all the above ingredients into a bowl and mix them into a thick batter using sufficient water.

2. Keep the batter aside for 20- 30 minutes.

3. Place the pitted pan or pongadalu pan on the stove on medium flame.

4. Add one teaspoon oil in each pit and let it heat for a while.

5. Now pour one tablespoon batter in each pit and cover the pan.

6. Lower the flame and let them cook till they turn into brown colour.

7. Turn the pongadalu to other side and add some oil if necessary.

8. Leave them until they turn into brown colour.

9. Now take out the pongadalu carefully into a plate.

10. Serve hot with sauce or chutney.

Note: Generally we use idly or dosa batter to make pongadalu but this version is an instant one.


Bhawna said...

HEy, thanks for sharing the recipe, Mysore pak is tempting too.

Asha said...

How neat! Rava uppittu made into fried rava idlis! Looks delicious Vijaya.Good job!:))

vijaya said...

Hi Bhavana and Asha,
Thanks a lot.

Prajusha said...

looks delicious. Great pics:)

Menu Today said...

Hi Vijaya,
I never tried with Rawa. Looks nice. Thanks for sharing.

Vijaya said...

Hi Prajusha,
Thank you.

Hi Menu Today,
You are welcome. They taste nice too.

Roochi said...

this recipe is nice and new...